Cadwallon & Vile-Tis Next Up In Confrontation Kickstarter Previews

March 15, 2018 by brennon

The team at Sans-Detour revealed some new miniature sets that are coming to Confrontation Classic when it lands on Kickstarter. Now, these are models that I recognise!

Confrontation Classic - Cadwallon

The Cadwallon set is superb and certainly shows off a lot of different characters, from all manner of different backgrounds. The fellow at the front in full plate armour and the lady to his left are fantastic models that I'd love to pick up and paint.

We also have these fellows, The Devourers Of Vile-Tis. These classic looking Werewolves are some of the models that prick up the senses, especially the fellow at the front standing atop his upturned axe.

Confrontation Classic - Devourers Of Vile-tis

As has been revealed in some discussions on Facebook it appears as if the models are going to be available from the Kickstarter in a resin/plastic material. Which, nowadays seems like the right direction to go with these pieces.

Hopefully, we get to see some of the models THEY are proposing to bring to the tabletop soon.

What do you think of these two factions?

"Now, these are models that I recognise!"

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