Demigod Games Summon Ares To The Battlefield!

July 7, 2014 by brennon

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Demigod Games have been working very hard on Conquest of the Gods for the past few weeks and months and rounding off a series of render previews we have a look at Ares, the Greek God of War!

Ares Render #1

Ares Render (Close-Up)

Ares Render #2

The model comes standing on the ruins of some building he has clearly decimated with his warriors and as if he is lashing out cutting down his enemies in a bloody swathe. You might think that blood splatter is there just for effect but that's actually a part of the miniature (that you can leave off if you like) showing his ferocity on the battlefield.

Ares comes in at 31mm so he's a little taller (as you'd expect) than the other mere mortals and is wearing a mixture of historically accurate armour and other bits made to given him a more epic feel. The cape (which is also a separate part you can leave off) would be brilliant for a bit of free hand work too don't you think?

A rather awesome looking God!

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