The Norse Of Demigod Games Show Their Mythological Power

April 22, 2014 by brennon

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Demigod Games have been working on their Conquest of the Gods miniatures game for a little bit now and they'll soon be bringing Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese myth to the tabletop. In the mean time check out some of their concept art for the Norse faction...

Norse Troll

Norsemen & Hesir

Above you can see what they're planning for the Norse Troll and the basic soldiers led by a hero Hesir. It's all looking very cool so far and I like that they're mixing the mythological and the historical much like how Zenit did with Kensei.

Norse Troll Miniature

They even have a miniature to show off, and it happens to be that very same Norse Troll! I think their sculpting is pretty top notch and they have much more in the pipeline sculpted and ready to go for a Kickstarter in the near future.

Armies from other mythological backgrounds are also going to be showing up in the future like the Chinese for one. You'll also be able to mix and match the fantasy aspect of each faction too meaning you could potentially just play this as a historical game ignoring the monsters if you wished.

Interestingly though they are going to have to do something a bit different since Of Gods & Mortals already exists out there on the market. Let's hope the way the game plays is nice and innovative!

What do you think?

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