Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Ork Preview!

September 5, 2014 by crew

Fantasy Flight Games previewed more for their upcoming LCG, Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, featuring the greenskin’s themselves. The Orks!

Conquest Box

Make Way For Da Bad Moons!

The main course of this preview features the Ork warlord Nazdreg of the Bad Moons!


Nazdreg is a 2 ATK, 2 HP warlord with a standard 7 card starting hand and 7 resource setup. What makes him interesting is his warlord ability that introduces the keyword Brutal. Brutal increases your ATK by +1 for each point of damage on the unit, Nazdreg happens to give brutal to all units at the same planet.

Next up is Nazdreg’s signature squad comprising of Nazdreg’s Flash Gitz, Kraktoof Hall, Cybork Body, and Bigga is Betta.

Nazdregs Flash Gitz

Nazdreg’s Flash Gitz is a 2 ATK 4 HP army unit that gives them the ability to deal themselves one damage to ready them once per phase. This will not only feed into Nazdreg’s warlord ability giving this unit brutal to attack for an additional time during the phase for increased damage!

Kraktoof Hall

Kraktoof Hall is a support location that gives you the ability to move one damage from a unit you control to another unit at the same planet. There is a lot of utility with this card. You can use it to move damage from your warlord to an enemy unit for a killing blow. You can also use it to pump up another unit with the brutal keyword making it hit harder than before and much more.

Cybork Body

Cybork body is an attachment card with 3 shield icons that, when attached, doubles the HP of the attached unit. Pairing this card with a high HP unit like a Nazdreg’s Flash Gitz that can utilize its combat ability more often and synergize with Nazdreg’s Brutal ability will be a potent combo.

Bigga is Betta

The final card, Bigga Is Betta, is an event card with one shield icon that allows you to, at zero cost, reduce the deployment cost of an Ork unit by two resources while giving it one damage to fuel the brutal synergy with the Ork warlord.

Get ya’ Dakka’s!

Finishing off the preview is fan of cards that shows you a glimpse of what is to come for the Orks, as well as some other, non-signature squad cards that come with the core set.

Ork Card Fan

The Orks are looking to be a really strong faction with units with high hit point values that get stronger the more punishment that they receive. Mixing in the damage manipulation cards like Kraktoof Hall and Bigga Is Betta, the Orks appear to be an endurance faction, taking all the hits and swinging back stronger and deadlier than they were before.

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