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Let’s Play Warcrow With Magic! Mastering Devastating Arcane Arts


Having learned everything they need to know about Corvus Belli's new Fantasy wargame, Warcrow, over the course of the week, Gerry and Killian return to Lindwurm with the Northern Alliance and Hegemony Of Embersig for a second Let's Play featuring magic!

How To Play Warcrow! Brand New Fantasy Wargame From Corvus Belli!


Gerry and Killian are taught how to play Warcrow by Hoopoe of Corvus Belli! After watching this video you'll know the basics of how to play Corvus Belli's brand new Fantasy wargame, Warcrow using the contents of the Introductory Battle Pack.

Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – Seeking The “Secret Weapon” | Masterstroke Games


In this third Let's Play for Force Of Virtue, Gerry and the team from Masterstroke Games get stuck into the third scenario of their mini-campaign. Both players are trying to get their hands on a "secret weapon" that will help them influence a local election! This means searching dead bodies which is grisly business!

Let’s Play: Fistful Of Lead – Reloaded | Wiley Games


Gerry and Ben dive into a Let's Play of Fistful Of Lead: Reloaded from Wiley Games. This is an old-fashioned 28mm Wild West showdown with Ben running a band of Lawmen whilst Gerry takes control of an Outlaw gang.

Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – Hunting For Information! | Masterstroke Games


In this second Let's Play for Force Of Virtue, Gerry and the team from Masterstroke Games get stuck into a scenario where Gerry's forces are surrounded on all sides. This is the second game in our mini-campaign for this Renaissance-era skirmish wargame.

Let’s Play: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground | Archon Studio


Gerry and Shay clash in Archon Studio's Masters of the Universe: Battleground. As it returns to Gamefound for a new campaign we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon and see how it plays on the tabletop.

Let’s Play: Fortune And Glory – Revised Edition | Flying Frog Productions


We bring Justin, John, Shay and Gerry together to play through a cooperative game of the new Revised Edition of Fortune And Glory from Flying Frog Productions. Dive into an awesome Pulp board game adventure which is a race around the globe looking for lost treasures.

Let’s Play: Altar Of The Dead Gods – Pilgrims Of The Church Vs Vampires | PWork Wargames


Ben and Gerry dive into a Let's Play of PWork Wargames' Altar Of The Dead Gods, a skirmish game of Lovecraftian Horror where you're warring over relics and power in a buried temple. Ben takes on the role of the Pilgrims Of The Church whilst Gerry plays as the Vampires!

Let’s Play: DragonStrike | Fighting Hedgehog


The clash of dragons arrives on the tabletop as Shay's Metallic sky lizards take on Gerry's Chromatic heroes in a prototype of Fighting Hedgehog's DragonStrike!  The game of aerial combat is based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons themes of servants of good and evil from the novels that shaped the realms we all know and love.

Let’s Play: This Quar’s War | ZombieSmith & Wargames Atlantic


Ben and Gerry dive into a Let's Play of This Quar's War from ZombieSmith and Joshua Qualtieri using the new Clash Of Rhyfles plastic set from Wargames Atlantic.

Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – The Renaissance Skirmish Wargame | Masterstroke Games


Gerry is joined by the team from Masterstroke Games to play out the first scenario of a mini-campaign in their Renaissance Skirmish Wargame, Force Of Virtue. Gerry has been tasked with stopping some dastardly grave robbers from stealing important documents!

Let’s Play: Triumph By PHALANX Games


We dive into a new Let's Play of PHALANX Games' latest strategic board game, Triumph. In this eurogame, you take control of one of Rome's great families and see if you can plot and backstab your way to the top and become ruler.

How To Play – Star Trek: Away Missions | Gale Force Nine


The team show off how to get set up and how to play Gale Force Nine's newest Star Trek game, Star Trek: Away Missions. The Federation go up against The Borg in Battle Of Wolf 359 as we explore set-up and the basic mechanics of Away Missions.

Let’s Play: DragonStrike | Fighting Hedgehog


Ben joins Alvaro from Fighting Hedgehog to play a Tabletop Simulator version of their upcoming board game, DragonStrike! The servants of good and evil from classic Dungeons & Dragons tales clash in this dragon-based aerial combat game that will be coming to Kickstarter in the early portion of 2024.

Let’s Play: Takkure – How To Play! | Ramper Design

9 months ago 0

Gerry sits down with the team from Ramper Design to show how to play Takkure, their cyberpunk-themed sports game which is a take on rugby!

Let’s Play: Doomsong – New Horror Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


Gerry and Ben are joined by the team from Caesar Ink to get stuck into a Let's Play of their new horror tabletop roleplaying game, Doomsong. Doomsong: Lord Have Mercy Upon Us is coming soon to Kickstarter!

Let’s Play: Legends Of Signum II – Warseer


Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of the awesome Fantasy wargame with a twist, Legends Of Signum II: Warseer by the team at Signum Games. Who will come out on top in this 32mm wargame currently on Kickstarter!

Let’s Play: Celestial – The Hidden Void


Gerry and Shay settle down to play a game of Celestial from the team at Diemension Games. In this cooperative scenario for the board game, The Hidden Void, their Celestials descend into Pangu's ghostly sands with Shay commanding Wick'Yin, the glimmer of the candling dragon, and Gerry has a pair of prowling Savaqi, ruthless predators whose language is a weapon in itself.

Let’s Play – Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest! 4-Player Game | Rebellion Unplugged


The OnTableTop team are joined by Duncan from Rebellion Unplugged to showcase their brand new adrenaline-fuelled board game of vehicular mayhem, Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest. In this video, we dive into a 4-player Let's Play where the chaos goes to another level entirely!

How To Play Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest! 2-Player Game | Rebellion Unplugged


Gerry and Shay are joined by Duncan from Rebellion Unplugged to showcase their brand new adrenaline-fuelled board game of vehicular mayhem, Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest. This is our 2-player game but Joyride can be played with up to 4 players! Don't forget to check out the game on Kickstarter.

How To Play The Doomed! New Osprey Games Wargame – Can We Survive The Devourer? | The Doomed Week


In the first of this week's The Doomed mini-campaign games, we show you how to play The Doomed as Gerry's Reborn Covens led by Warleader Striker take on the last bastion of humanity with Shay's Stevie G and the Inheritor Courts.

Let’s Play: Acheron’s Fall – Starship Battles In The Infinity Universe! | Ramper Design


Gerry dives into a Let's Play of the awesome new starship battles game from Ramper Design, Acheron's Fall! Based in the Infinity universe, you'll be taking on the role of your favourite factions in the interstellar void.

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Battle Of Britain | Destroy The Destroyers


Join us for a Let's Play of the brand new game in the Undaunted series by Osprey Games. Gerry and Shay take on the role of the RAF and the Luftwaffe in Undaunted: Battle Of Britain and tackle Scenario 6, Destroy The Destroyers.

Dystopian Wars – What to build with the Ragnarök Battlefleet Set?


Let’s Play: Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud | PHALANX Games


James joins Gerry to play a brand new board game from PHALANX Games, Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud! Will the vaunted German blitzkrieg prove its invincibility once again? Or will the Soviet Union endure the onslaught long enough to rebuild its might and push back the enemy? 

Let’s Play – Cadaver, A Card Game Of Necromancy! | Kedric Winks


In today's Let's Play, Gerry, Justin and Shay face off in a quick and easy card game from Kedric Winks. Cadaver has you playing as necromancers who are trying to raise more of the undead than their opponents!

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Stalingrad [Call In The Engineers – Scenario #4] | Osprey Games


Join us for the forth instalment of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with our fourth scenario, Call In The Engineers.

Let’s Play: Heroes Of The Pacific – Battle Of Guadalcanal | Devil Pig Games


Gerry is joined by Jules and Clem from Devil Pig Games to run through their newest World War 2 board game, Heroes Of The Pacific - Battle Of Guadalcanal. With a few changes to mechanics, the game goes from Normandy to the Pacific Theatre and the battle between the Americans and Japanese at Guadalcanal.

Bakunin Observance Themed Week: Demo Game – Bakunin VS Military Orders | Infinity


You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. In this video, get stuck into a demo game where the Bakunin Observance Action Pack goes up against the Military Orders of PanOceania.

Let’s Play: Maladum – Dungeons Of Enveron (Into The Sewers) | Battle Systems


We dive into another Let's Play for Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron. Following on from the first quest last time around, we dive into the second part of our campaign. A fantastic new Fantasy game coming to Kickstarter soon from Battle Systems!

Let’s Play: BOT WAR | Traders Galaxy

1 year ago 10

It's here! Join us for a Let's Play of BOT WAR from Traders Galaxy. In this game, we show you how to play BOT WAR and run through gameplay basics for this 10mm Sci-Fi miniatures wargame. 

Let’s Play: Huang By Reiner Knizia | Phalanx Games

1 year ago 1

Gerry, Shay and John are joined by the team from PHALANX Games to play through their new Reiner Knizia board game, HUANG. Take command of warring factions in Ancient China and see if you can take control of the country for yourself!

How To Play Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron | Battle Systems


Gerry is joined in the studio by Colin from Battle Systems to provide you with a first look and Let's Play of their new Fantasy game, Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron. If you're a fan of Core Space, you'll want to keep an eye out for this crowdfunding project which is coming soon!

Let’s Play: Batman – Escape From Arkham Asylum | Knight Games


Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum which is coming to Gamefound on 24th January from Knight Games! Play as Batman's rogue's gallery of villains and see if you can escape before Batman gets you!

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Stalingrad Campaign [9 January Square – Scenario #1] | Osprey Games


Gerry and Shay start their brand new Undaunted: Stalingrad campaign, putting together a FULL playthrough of the entire World War 2 board game from Osprey Games. 

Let’s Play: Judge Dredd: The Game Of Crime-Fighting In Mega-City One | Rebellion Unplugged


Gerry, Justin, and Shay take to the mean streets of Mega City One in this Let's Play of  Ian Livingstone's legendary Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One from Rebellion Unplugged.

Let’s Play: Doctor Who: Don’t Blink | Gale Force 9


Get stuck into a Let's Play of the awesome Dr Who: Don't Blink from Gale Force 9 as Gerry stalks Shay and Justin on a derelict spaceship full of Weeping Angels: terrifying killers that can be stopped only by staring at them. But if you dare to stop looking — if you even blink — they'll send you out of time.

How to play Dystopian Wars? A didactic Battle Report




Let’s Play: Full Spectrum Dominance (6mm Sci-Fi Wargame!) | The Lazy Forger


Get stuck into a Let's Play of the awesome Full Spectrum Dominance from The Lazy Forger as Gerry clashes with Jack in this small-scale Sci-Fi wargame.

Dystopian Wars – What to build with the Magenta Battlefleet Set?


Let’s Play: Dystopian Wars – Imperium Vs Crown


After watching the How To Play for Dystopian Wars, join us for a full Let's Play of Dystopian Wars using the Imperium and Crown forces from Warcradle's naval wargame.

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