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A War Transformed: WWI On The Doggerland Front – First Impressions | Osprey Games


Ben gives his first thoughts and impressions on A War Transformed, the brand new Weird World War I wargame which is now available from Osprey Games. Is this game going to draw you in and sink it's monstrous claws into you?

Unboxing: Celestial – Episode 1 The Hidden Void | Diemension Games

4 days ago 3

Gerry takes a look at a prototype for a massive board game in Celestial: The Hidden Void, an upcoming Kickstarter from Diemension Games, that blends Asian mythology, high-tech science fiction, and body horror.

Unboxing: Imperial Raven Commander | Wargame Exclusive

1 week ago 2

Gerry has a look at another awesome alternative miniature for use with your grimdark armies of the far future. This time, it's the Imperial Raven Commander from Wargame Exclusive who would be great as an alternative to Emo Toby Maguire-Commander Shrike!

Unboxing: General Purpose Wagon – Dead Man’s Hand | Great Escape Games


Gerry hitches up his wagon and heads out west with a new plastic kit from Great Escape Games for Dead Man's Hand and Wild West wargaming. It would also be a perfect bit of kit for any 19th-century colonial gaming.

xTool D1 Pro Review – Laser Cutting Gaming Terrain At Home For Wargames Tables


Warren talks about getting stuck into bringing laser-cut terrain into the home. See what Warren makes of the xTool D1 Pro 10W for cutting out his first every laser-cut gaming terrain.

Unboxing Carpathian – Castle Fier Monsters For The Silver Bayonet! | The Silver Bayonet Week


Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier, introduces a whole host of new monstrous foes for your Unit to come up against. Gerry unboxes and showcases some of these North Star Military Figures 28mm monster miniatures, inspired by Vampire folklore and the myths and legends of Eastern Europe.

Unboxing Austrian & Russian Soldier Reinforcements For The Silver Bayonet! | The Silver Bayonet Week


Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier features new Soldier miniatures that you can use to make your Unit. Gerry takes a look at North Start Military Figures' 28mm Austrian and Russian soldiers that you can use when battling against the horrors of Napoleonic Europe.

Unboxing: Imperial Chaplin | Wargame Exclusive


Gerry has a look at another awesome alternative miniature for use with your grimdark armies of the far future. This time, it's the Imperial Chaplain from Wargame Exclusive who would be great as one of the Angels Of Death!

Victrix’s 12mm Sherman Tanks Join The Allied War Effort


Victrix Miniatures have been expanding their 12mm World War II range at a rate of knots. Their newest releases are a collection of M4A1 Sherman Tanks so you bring some well-known Allied armour into the mix with both Early and Late War options.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Mounted Border Reivers | Flags of War


Gerry dives into another Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon unboxing. This time, he reviews the 28mm metal Mounted Border Reivers that you can pick up from Flags Of War to use alongside your raiding warband.

Unboxing: Moonstone – Gump | Goblin King Games


Gerry reviews another of the new miniatures from Goblin King Games for their 32mm Fantasy wargame, Moonstone. This time, we have a look at unboxing Gump, one of the mighty treefolk that can join the Wyrdwood Troupe.

Unboxing: Moonstone – Wyrdwood Troupe Box | Goblin King Games


Gerry returns with an Unboxing of the latest warband for Goblin King Games' 32mm Fantasy skirmish wargame, Moonstone. In this review, we look at the Wyrdwood Troupe, a band of tree people and ancient spirits. 

Unboxing: Ikko Ikki Starter Set – CLASH Of Katanas | Zenit Miniatures


Gerry gets a look at some Feudal Japanese miniatures from Zenit Miniatures which you can use as an Ikko Ikki Starter Set to start playing the 28mm Historical wargame, CLASH Of Katanas from Fighting Hedgehog. 

Unboxing: Conquest – City States Lochagos | Para Bellum Games


In this unboxing video, Gerry gets a closer look at Para Bellum Games' City States Lochagos, one of the mighty war leaders you can use in the 35mm Fantasy wargames, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Fighting Irish Clan | Flags of War


Dive into a new Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon Unboxing as Gerry has a look at the 28mm Historical miniatures from Flags Of War for the Fighting Irish Clan.

Unboxing: HexTech Terrain – Great For BattleTech & More | Gale Force Nine


Gerry and John break out the BattleTech miniatures and review the awesome new HexTech Terrain that you can now get from Gale Force Nine to use when building your gaming tables!

Unboxing: Goblin Ambush Starter Set – Kings Of War | Mantic Games


Gerry provides an unboxing and review of the new Ambush Starter Set from Mantic Games for their 28mm Fantasy wargame, Kings Of War. Is this a good starting point for those wanting to dive into the game?

Unboxing New 15mm WW3: Team Yankee – Nordic Forces Tanks! | Battlefront Miniatures


In this special unboxing of the World War 3: Team Yankee range, Gerry and John have a look at the brand new 15mm Nordic Forces Tanks that you can pre-order right now from Battlefront Miniatures for their Cold War Gone Hot miniature wargame.

Unboxing: Conquest – City States Dorialtes | Para Bellum Games


Gerry unboxes and reviews one of the new character miniatures you can pick up for the City States of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings by Para Bellum Games. Will you be leading your Hoplites or Phalangites with the 35mm Dorilates?

Unboxing: Moonstone – Gnomish Airship | Goblin King Games

3 months ago 5

Gerry unboxes and reviews the amazing Gnomish Airship that you can add to your games of Moonstone from the team at Goblin King Games. This is a gorgeous 32mm resin set for use in your Fantasy wargames with a whimsical twist.

Unboxing: Conquest – Thorakites & Agema Dual Kit | Para Bellum Games

3 months ago 1

Gerry unboxes and reviews the new 35mm Dual Kits for the City States of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. In this video, we have a look at Para Bellum Wargames' Thorakites but these miniatures can also be built as the Agema.

Unboxing: Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set – Kings Of War | Mantic Games


We get stuck into an Unboxing of the new Nightstalkers Ambush Starter Set from Mantic Games which is very handy for those wanting to get started in Kings Of War, their 28mm Fantasy miniatures wargame. 

Gerry Can Show You Tips For Using The Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0


The Army Painter has recently showcased their new Speed Paints 2.0 and in this Gerry Can, we test them to see what the coverage is like and what the potential for these paints might be, especially for those wanting to get stuck in and finish armies quickly.

Unboxing: Moonstone – Death And Taxes Troupe | Goblin King Games

3 months ago 2

Gerry dives into a new Unboxing and Review of a new Moonstone Troupe from Goblin King Games. In this video, we look at the 32mm miniatures for the Death And Taxes set for this amazing Fantasy skirmish game. 

Unboxing: Conquest – Hephaestian & Promethean Dual Kit | Para Bellum Games


Gerry unboxes and reviews the new 35mm scale Dual Kit from Para Bellum Games for the Hephaestian/Promethean for their Fantasy wargame, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. A perfect monstrous creature for your City States armies in Conquest.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Border Reivers On Foot | Flags of War


Gerry takes a look at more of the Historical miniatures coming out of Flags Of War for Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon. In this Unboxing, Gerry gives a review of the Reivers On Foot, a full family of fighters that are looking to strike across the border between England and Scotland. 

Frostgrave: The Wildwoods – First Impressions | Osprey Games


Ben gives his first impressions of The Wildwoods, the latest supplement for Osprey Games and Joseph A. McCullough's Frostgrave. The wilderness awaits where all manner of strange beasts are seeking to eat you!

Martian Models’ Shipyards Are Ready To Explore A Billion Suns


Martian Models have just launched their page on MyMiniFactory with a collection of spaceships that are ready for any tabletop game but have been designed with one eye on corporate fleets for A Billion Suns and to celebrate their fleet taking flight there is a 15% sale until the end of June!

Unboxing: Revised Big & Giant Books | Loke BattleMats


Gerry unboxes and reviews the new and improved Revised Big & Giant Books from the folks at Loke BattleMats. These are fantastic books of battle mats that would be great for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and more.

The Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians – Castle Fier | First Impressions


The first expansion is available for Joseph A. McCullough's The Silver Bayonet! Ben gives his first impressions on The Carpathians - Castle Fier and what it offers for folks diving into this Napoleonic Horror skirmish game.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – Video Game Review


Ben dives into Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun and gives his thoughts on this retro-styled grimdark first person shooter. Does it managed to bring the Space Marine experience to life and embrace those DOOM vibes?

Unboxing: Undaunted – Battle Of Britain | Osprey Games

4 months ago 4

Join Gerry for an Unboxing of the awesome new addition to the Osprey Games Undaunted range. This time around, the focus is shifting from the ground battles of World War 2 to a clash in the skies with Undaunted: Battle Of Britain.

Gerry Can Show You How To Use Green Stuff World Colourshift Spray Paints!


In this week's Gerry Can, we show off how to use Green Stuff World's range of Colourshift Spray Paints and what the different colours and primers can achieve depending on which way you combine them. They could be great for specific projects you're working on.

Gasland’s Creator Brings Us Brutal Fantasy Wargame, Hobgoblin!


Mike Hutchinson, the designer of the incredibly fun Gaslands miniatures game, is now on Kickstarter with his new rank n' flank Fantasy mass battle game called Hobgoblin! If you're looking for a game that allows you a good degree of freedom, is quick to play and is decidedly brutal, make sure to give this one a look.

Unboxing: Escape From Stalingrad Z – Deluxe Version | Raybox Games


Gerry unboxes the Deluxe Version of Escape From Stalingrad Z, the awesome Weird World War tabletop game from the folks at Raybox Games. 

Dystopian Wars – What to build with the Ragnarök Battlefleet Set?


Unboxing: Goblin King “Coronation Chicken” – Limited Edition Miniature | Moonstone


With someone being crowned something or other recently, Gerry took some time to Unbox the Limited Edition miniature from Goblin King Games for their 32mm scale world of Moonstone! We review the "Coronation Chicken" Goblin King!

Unboxing: Partisan Resistance Cell + Jedburgh Team – 02 Hundred Hours | Grey For Now Games


Gerry checks out the Partisan expansion for Grey For Now Games fantastic game 02 Hundred Hours tabletop skirmishes of sabotage and night raids in World War II. A courageous group of Partisan fighters and their Allied Jedburgh support.

New Game Clan Wars: The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic Wargame Experience? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The team is back from Salute and ready to get stuck back into business as usual. The big news that has caught Gerry's eye is SIXMOREVODKA has been quietly prepping their Primal Punk world of Degenesis for the ultimate in post-apocalyptic tabletop miniature wargaming.

Unboxing: The Fall Of Omega VII: Deadzone 2-Player Starter Set | Mantic Games


Gerry breaks quarantine protocols with an unboxing of the massive Fall of Omega VII: Deadzone 3rd Edition Starter Set which is ideal for getting two players into this Sci-Fi skirmish game by Mantic Games.

Unboxing: The Malign of Alum Tomb, Drēaguth Unit (Darklands) | Mierce Miniatures


Today's unboxing features some of the stunning Darklands miniatures collection by Mierce Miniatures. Here, Gerry has a look at the Malign of Alum Tomb, Drēaguth Unit for use in your Fantasy wargames.

Unboxing: Asgarh, the Wolfen Pack Leader | Temple of the West – Journeyman Miniatures


Gerry gets stuck into an Unboxing of the awesome Asgarh, the Wolfen pack leader from Temple Of The West for their growing Confrontation Continuum range based on the artwork by Paul Bonner through Journeyman Miniatures.

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