Brazilian Mini Makers Spectoys Take Urban Terrors to Crowdfunding

March 24, 2015 by dracs

Spectoys, a miniature company based out of Sao Paulo in Brazil, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickante to turn their Urban Legends and horror stories into a new range of terrifying sculpts. Don't go outside alone less you fall to these Contos Urbanos!

Contos Urbanos

Contos Urbanos, which translates as Urban Tales, is a new range that brings to life all those terrifying monsters and psychopaths which seem to repeatedly crop up in stories, whether it be fantastical horror tales or cryptozoological sighting reports.

Et De Varginha

Cabra Cabriola

Spectoys have selected figures from among the most twisted of their local folklore for this Kickante campaign, promising a diverse range of monsters that include aliens, cryptids and psycho clowns.

Loira Do Banheiro


Palhaco Da Kombi

Each of these models is sculpted at either 32 or 35mm scale, making them well suited for use in board games, or even just as collector's pieces.

Of course, Spectoys aren't intending to stop with the above models and already have two stretch goals planned for the campaign, including one who may be based upon the classic Brazilian horror movie character Coffin Joe.


Baiacu Sereia

Many of us here at Beasts of War have a fascination with urban legends and horror stories, so this is definitely a project up our street. The sculpts themselves look like very imaginative interpretations of these characters and it is cool to see ones from an area of the world we don't often see much game related stuff from. I wonder what other disturbing creations they may have under their black top hat.

Are you interested in finding out more about these Contos Urbanos?

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