Bases Never Looked So Good In CMON Base System Kickstarter

September 26, 2014 by stvitusdancern

CMON 4 bases

If you haven't had a chance to check out the CMON bases on Kickstarter, then now's your chance! CoolMiniOrNot Base System Featuring Micro Art Studio has some fantastic bases, sure to add depth to your mini's.

There are 4 styles available through the basic Kickstarter and stretch goals to go beyond that. Each one of the 4 styles would come in a set of 17- yes, 17 bases in different sizes in whichever theme you choose. There's Chaos, Mystic, Trash and Planking- so you should have no trouble outfitting your mini's with this kind of variety.

CMON Chaos

The champaign offers a range of plain bases, made with more durable and less expensive materials- I know, your ears just perked at the "less expensive" remark!

CMON Mystic

The insert is a firm PVC that is highly resistant to chipping or breaking like resin. PVC also eliminates air bubbles and flash from the mold.

CMON Planking

Plastic and resin models will no longer require pinning, but can be attached easily and permanently with a small amount of superglue.

CMON Trash

The black base is a durable polystyrene. Again, this material is resistant to chipping or breaking during normal use.

Which of these styles would take your mini's to the next level?

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