Diving into Rivet Wars with the Ruska Diver

October 9, 2014 by stvitusdancern


Silently, he emerges from the river. His speargun is level as he marches forward. The enemy isn't even guarding their objectives this far behind the lines. They hadn't planned on the Ruska Imperial Marine Diving Corps! - That is the opening statement about the new upcoming release of the Ruska Diver for Rivet Wars, you know that tactical tabletop game with the little guys running around on a WWI era-esk battlefield.

Ruska Diver

I saw Rivet Wars at Adepticon and GenCon and I kept telling myself to try and get a demo in, but I was afraid to, because I knew I would have to buy it and my wallet had already taken enough damage. However, this may just put me over the top. I love diving and anything to do with it, I wanted to be a Navy SEAL, but they had some rule about women being in combat blah blah (don't even get me started on GI Jane) I digress, the WIP looks really awesome and this just maybe the item that makes me get into this game. So if you are into the Steampunk WWI era warfare this just might be for you too!

Will you get in deep with Rivet Wars?

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