Three New Swashbucklers From CoolMiniOrNot

January 2, 2014 by brennon

CoolMiniOrNot have put together a trio of new swashbuckling releases for you to enjoy this new years. See what you think of these quite stunning models in 32mm scale.

Sir Georg Stamm The Duelist

Dame Anya the Unyielding

Sir Maximillian the Knight Errant

Each of them is very cool and bring somethings to the table when it comes to character. Georg Stamm looks wild and daring, Anja is noble and resolute and Maximilian is the grizzled veteran who looks like he's fought every war under the sun.

As mentioned above they are all in 32mm so would be great for role-playing or just a nice personal project for the painting table. There is plenty to work with.

Which is your favourite?

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