The Giants Gog & Magog Rise From Copplestone Casting

July 4, 2013 by brennon

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Copplestone Casting are continuing the Giant theme today with the release of Gog and Magog over on their webstore. Check out the pair below that will be rampaging through a village or two soon enough...

Gog the Hill Giant

Magog the Hill Giant

These might Giants, coming in at 40mm each are perfect additions to their 15mm range. I love the look of them with those massive beards. They remind me a lot of the style used for the trolls in Trollhunter.

Time for some tangenital learning folks! Gog and Magog are actually figures wrapped in hundreds of years of mythology. In Britain and Ireland they are regularly attributed to mighty oak trees, hills and are even the age old guardians of the City of London!

I do like these figures and I'd be so tempted to pick them up just to paint up. I love these two and I do have a soft spot for Giants. Who would have thought it? A Dwarf loving Giants!

What do you think?

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