Wiglaf Miniatures’ Age Of Penda Range Coming Soon To Tabletops

February 2, 2022 by brennon

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Wiglaf Miniatures is the new project from Daniel Mersey aiming to bring the mighty battles of 7th Century Britain to the tabletop. The Age Of Penda range, a collection of 18mm metal miniatures by Mark Copplestone, is also joined by a wargame of the same name.

Warlord - Wiglaf Miniatures

Warlord // Wiglaf Miniatures

The range of miniatures that Wiglaf are working on are designed to cover the period of the British Dark Age all the way through to the Early Medieval period. Mark Copplestone has already worked on some stunning miniatures (miniatures above painted by James Morris of Mogsy Makes) for the collection in 18mm or, as they describe it "1/100th, Big 15s, 15mm or travel-sized 28mm".

Warlord & Retinue - Wiglaf Miniatures

Warlord & Retinue // Wiglaf Miniatures

The metal miniatures are similar in style to the Barbarica miniatures by Copplestone Castings so if you've enjoyed that range, you'll like this one. The first set of releases cover the early Anglo-Saxons from the 7th Century and the Age Of Penda.

Armoured Warriors - Wiglaf Miniatures

Armoured Warriors // Wiglaf Miniatures

There is a good selection of different miniatures for you to form up the core of your army. You've got Armoured Warriors, Unarmoured Warriors and also a band of Skirmishers armed with bows and javelins, some nifty ranged support.

Unarmoured Warriors - Wiglaf Miniatures

Unarmoured Warriors // Wiglaf Miniatures

Skirmishers - Wiglaf Miniatures

Skirmishers // Wiglaf Miniatures

The range will be expanding to allow you to play out the wars of Mercia, battling against their enemies. You'll find named leaders in the mix, the Vendel, Welsh and Irish warriors and some cavalry elements too.

The Age Of Penda Rules

As well as the range of miniatures for you to choose from, Wiglaf Miniatures are also going to be releasing this new set of rules.

Age Of Penda - Wiglaf Miniatures

Age Of Penda // Wiglaf Miniatures

Age Of Penda differs from a traditional wargame in that it is played out on a gridded layout. You take on the role of a 7th Century Warlord or King who has to keep a close eye on your warriors and control the flow of battle. The "battle" is played out on the tabletop but also on the Tactics Chart which offers up an additional layer of complexity.

You will be in charge of moving your troops around the battlefield into the heart of the fighting where combat will be decided by dice and the Battle Rating of your warriors. The focus here is on tactical thinking and watching the battle as a whole rather than the heroics of one individual.

This makes for a fast, simple and thematic game that echoes the warfare of the 7th Century without being a direct simulation of it. Interestingly, there are no regular "turns" in the game as instead, the game becomes a test of play and counterplay between you and your opponent.

This is looking pretty nifty indeed! If you're interested in snapping up the miniatures, they will be stocked by North Star Military Figures in the near future. The rules are available right now digitally from Wargame Vault.

Are you tempted to snap up this range/game?

"The focus here is on tactical thinking and watching the battle as a whole rather than the heroics of one individual..."

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