CorSec Engineering Venture Into a Colourful Asteroid Field

March 25, 2015 by dracs

CorSec Engineering have come out with two new sets of tokens to help you designate the Asteroids and Debris Fields you might fly into in the depths of space.

Etched Asteroid Tokens

Etched Debris Field Tokens

Wow, with all the wonders of space I never expected an asteroid belt to look quite so neon.These tokens are definitely useful for games such as X-Wing. Being flat, they are easy to place miniatures on letting you more easily keep track of collisions and ship movement.

However, I can't say I like the look of them. It may be that the photos don't show off the etching too well, but these look like shaped blobs to my eye, which is a shame considering they are practical in game terms and effective asteroids are relatively easy to make.

Would you use CorSec's Asteroid and Debris tokens for your space combat games?

"These tokens are definitely useful for games such as X-Wing."

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