We’ll Cross CorSec’s New Bridge When They Come To It

September 29, 2014 by dracs

CorSec Engineering are indulging in a spot of bridge building and have just shown off the proto-type for their upcoming terrain piece.

CorSec Bridge

CorSec Bridge 2

CorSec Bridge 3

CorSec's bridge is of the familiar, picturesque arching style, framed by two rails. Bridges like these are a fairly familiar sight and could easily be incorporated into any game setting, while the model's overall length of 11" should help you cross any river.

Unfortunately, this is still in the early days of production. CorSec have stated that they intend to make some aesthetic changes to the bridge, as well as trying to make the final piece easier to assemble.

How do you like CorSec's bridge?

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