Corvus Corax Preview New Kickstarter Minis!

December 23, 2014 by brennon

Corvus Corax is a relatively new miniatures company and they're heading to Kickstarter in the new year with a small collection of their new miniatures with a hope of expanding and getting a whole lot more onto the tabletop soon...


Mutated Brute

Mutated Devil


Above are some of the painted sculpts they've already got finished. This is a lot further along the production line than most Kickstarters get sorted before they launch so that's something to be commended. As well as the miniatures above there are plenty more where they came from...


B&W Artwork...with the design seeming to lend itself towards a Far Eastern theme across the board. What's quite interesting, and I only noticed when I saw them all together, is that some of the enemies and mutated beasts actually look inspired from Spider-Man and his enemies!

If you look closely you've got both Doctor Octopus and Rhino there with 'Venom' being the top most painted figure above. Quite neat and very subtle.

What do you think of their work so far?

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