Grab A Cosy Case From Cosy Dice!

October 5, 2016 by brennon

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Cosy Dice have put together an awesome bundle of bags and accessories for you to transport everything a wargamer needs. See what you think of their Cosy Cases...


This Satchel and the bags you see here have a rather familiar symbol emblazoned on them but inside you can get it packed with all manner of goodies.

Bag Contents

The Standard Cosy Case that you can pick up comes with...

  • Standard Embroidered Black Satchel
  • Medium Sized Embroidered Dice Bag
  • Standard Acrylic Template (Red or Smoke Colour)
  • Velveteen Counter Pouch
  • 2m Standard Tape measure
  • Dice block containing either;
  • 36 Standard d6 Dice
  • 1 full set of Poly Dice (D4/D6/D8/D10/D12/D20/D100)
  • Laser Pointer (Red / Green / Purple)
  • 1 set of plastic counters or Eldritch Gems

...but you can also upgrade it to a Deluxe Cosy Case too.

  • Embroidered coloured Satchel
  • Large sized embroidered dice bag
  • Deluxe Acrylic Templates (Flames)
  • Embroidered Counter Pouch
  • Rubber Case 2M Tape Measure (Including Logo)
  • 2 x Dice Blocks (Choose from D6 sets or Poly Sets)
  • Laser Pointer (Choose from green/blue/purple)
  • 2 Sets of plastic Counters or Eldritch Gems
  • 1 Set Deluxe Glass Markers

We're enjoying the look of these and you can actually check out Annie from Cosy Dice talking about them on The Weekender HERE.

Have you considered picking up one of these?

" can actually check out Annie from Cosy Dice talking about them on The Weekender"

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