Creature Caster Introduce The King Of Ecstasy & October Previews

September 27, 2019 by brennon

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Creature Caster has been dropping some awesome miniatures into the mix for those who love their large scale additions to both armies and that painting shelf. We start with the King Of Ecstasy which was released not long ago.

King Of Ecstacy #1 - Creature Caster

This massive King Of Ecstasy is a blooming insane looking addition to the mix for those who want to run a Chaos force, either in Fantasy or Sci-Fi. The addition of the goat-like head is a nice tie into the demonic and devilish elements that make up the forces of Chaos.

King Of Ecstacy #2 - Creature Caster

This would make for an awesome looking centrepiece for your force and there are so many elements which are going to be fun to paint. The demonic aspect of the creature could be painted to be vibrant and shimmering whilst the armour could be a good contrast to that, either in silver or gold depending on your choices. I think it could also then be given a shimmer of blue or green over the top to mark its magical nature.

Upcoming Miniatures

As well as the King Of Ecstasy we also had a few previews on Kickstarter for releases coming at the beginning of October. First up we have The Queen Of Malifica.

The Queen Of Malifica - Creature Caster

This new addition to the mix, a perfect Tzeentchian Sorceress perhaps, would make for a brilliant option for those who love the Changer Of Ways. She stands at 23cm from the base through to the top of the model and once again is going to be a stunning painting project for someone.

As well as her we also have the first Orc in the Creature Caster range.

Orc - Creature Caster

100mm from top to bottom, this mighty Orc Smith is going to be a powerful addition to your force and someone who has forged himself a mighty weapon in the shape of that powered up fist. As well as what you see here you'll also get an alternate head and weapon as part of the releases so watch this space.

Are you going to be snapping up these new models?

"Are you going to be snapping up these new models?"

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