Creature Caster Show Off Their Possessed Dragon!

December 30, 2014 by brennon

Creature Caster show off some rather neat work that's going into the Possessed Dragon. There's plenty of detail going into this sculpt and hopefully it will be entering the next stages of production sooner rather than later...

Possessed Dragon

Possessed Dragon (Detail)

Possessed Dragon (Seat)

It's quite the impressive piece of kit and I can imagine this dominating a tabletop with a surly rider atop it once it's done. I like that they've done the Galrauch thing and ripped apart the Dragons head and neck to make it into this warped approximation of a normal dragon.

I like the idea of, when painting it, painting the inside flesh with a glow to it as if some residual heat from the Dragon still remains.

What do you think?

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