Creature Caster Summon The Lady Of Chaos

January 31, 2019 by cassn

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Creature Caster have been slowly teasing the release of their Lady of Chaos sculpt, keeping fans up to date with the evolution of the design through their blog. This week, finally, they released an image of the completed art piece.


Creature Caster have said they took a lot of inspiration from Dante's Inferno, and it really shows in the design of this piece. This is the second model from the Discord line of demons, and I think Creature Caster have struck a nice balance between linking it thematically to the first model, Lord of Malice, while also giving Lady of Chaos her own unique traits. I particularly like the tortured souls rising from the base, although they are less pronounced than in previous sketches.lady sketch

Creature Caster have said, however, that keeping it the previous size would have exceeded their size restrictions and overpowered the Lady herself. Personally, I agree, and I like this final design better. Creature Caster have also spoken about their painting scheme, saying that their choice of a 'soul blazing' style fits better with the story they want to tell. They have, however, provided an alternate, cold paint version for hobbyists to consider.


Personally, I prefer their 'cold, sinister and heartless necromancer' but, then again, I've always been a narcissist!

The Lady of Chaos will be released by Creature Caster soon. Until then, you can read the full teaser blog here.

Which paint scheme do you prefer?

"The second model from the Discord line of demons!"

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