Creature Caster’s Kickstarter Unleashes More Monsters!

May 2, 2014 by brennon

The Creature Caster Kickstarter is going very well indeed and with just nine days left to go they are still raking in the funds to make more creepy monsters...

Tree Walker

First up we have a better look at the astoundingly awesome Treewalker. With the Wood Elves on the way from Games Workshop this weekend and next you might have a case for pairing this wondrous creation with one of their plastic models. She certainly looks like a queen of the forest.

Plague Angel

Maggot Demon

The world of Demons and Angels is also getting a look in and while the Plague Angel isn't quite the angel you might have thought you'd be seeing it's still a brilliant looking model. I love the Maggot Demon too who looks like he is going to be spawning oozing minions from his back. I can't wait to see that one painted up.

Zombie Dragon

Rounding things off we have another epic looking Dragon. I have, as I mentioned before, a penchant for Dragons at the moment and this one is epic in the extreme. I reckon any Vampire would be very happy to be riding on the back of one of these and the fact it's dead gives you plenty of reasons to paint this in interesting ways.

Have you pledged for any of these monsters?

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