Crocodile Games Add To The Ranks Of Their WarGods Spartan Armies

April 10, 2020 by brennon

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Crocodile Games were recently in the news as we talked about their new book, WarGods Of Olympus (which is still available in both regular and collector's edition formats!), but they have also now released a bunch of new kits to help those building an army of grizzled Spartans!

Spartan Phalanx Wall - Crocodile Games

First up, we've got three different designs of Spartan Phalanx. They can be broken down into The Wall, The Gauntlet and The Spearpoint. There are a few variations in the designs for each but all of the kits give you a tight-knit band of warriors, huddled behind their large shields with spears at the ready.

Spartan Phalanx Gauntlet - Crocodile Games

You'll no doubt also note that these particular Spartans have been given a bit more of a heroic upgrade and they are more like the warriors from 300 than your traditional Historical warriors. Since they are going to be serving at the side of mighty Demi-Gods it seems apt that they would be equally heroic.

Spartan Phalanx Spearpoint - Crocodile Games

I think these are some absolutely amazing kits and they give you a very iconic set of Spartan warriors to use on the tabletop. I love their helmets in particular where you can just seem a glimpse of their faces. It gives these warriors a grim and terrifying look, turning them into a remorseless and in-tune weapon to be used on the tabletop.

Covering Fire

Even Spartans need some ranged support and the team at Crocodile Games has also released a new Spartan Archers unit as well for you to pick up.

Spartan Archer Unit - Crocodile Games

Perhaps made up of those who are new to the ranks of your army, learning the ropes and seeking to earn a place in the Phalanx, this unit would be a neat way to support your warriors in combat. I like that the unit comes with both firing and reloading miniatures (always a plus) and the leader seems a proper grizzled veteran, readying his troops for a fight.

If you are even somewhat interested in the idea of playing as epic mythological armies clashing on the battlefield then the WarGods range is one well worth diving into. They have created a lot of different miniatures for both their Greek and Aegyptus ranges and I'm sure more is in the works.

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