The Chronal Commandos Defend Time For Crooked Dice

November 24, 2014 by brennon

Crooked Dice have sneaked a few previews out for their upcoming December releases! See what you think of the five new Chronal Commandos coming your way to defend time and take the fight to those dastardly villains...

Chronal Commando Leader

Chronal Commando Aiming

Chronal Commando Rifle Raised

Chronal Commando Running

Chronal Commando with Bazookoid

Some awesome looking miniatures once again and the painting is superb on them too. I think these look great painted up as humans although I think you could do some great stuff by just painting their skin a different colour and making them humanoid aliens. You could then even do some green stuff work on the Commanders head to give him some pointed ears or something!

You could even paint up the armour in the colours of Nova Corp from Guardians of the Galaxy and have your own intergalactic defence force!

What do you think?

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