Crooked Dice Hire The Paranormal Exterminators!

August 24, 2014 by brennon

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Crooked Dice have shown off their September releases and soon you'll be able to pick up the Paranormal Exterminators and their Ectoplasmic Entity on the first of the month!

Paranormal Exterminators (Front)

Ectoplasmic Entity

Paranormal Exterminators (Rear)

So if you ever wanted to get yourself your very own Ghostbusters - yep, the similarity hasn't passed us by - then you can start running around ruining hotels and spraying goo all over the Statue of Liberty with wanton abandon.

It's cool to see Crooked Dice doing these miniatures as they are the kind of company that have the rules set to help make something about ghost busting happen.

Can't wait to see these painted up!

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