Crooked Dice Showcase New Pulp Characters For Salute ’23

March 22, 2023 by brennon

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A whole host of miniatures are going to be available to snap up at Salute this year from Crooked Dice. Some quirky new characters are in the mix for you to use in an array of Pulp adventures for 7TV and beyond.

Stalwart Sidekicks - Crooked Dice

Stalwart Sidekicks // Crooked Dice

The Stalwart Sidekicks comes with a neat Fixer alongside an Obsession Collector, an Orphan and an Academic. I feel like you've got all of the key players here for making an excellent team of miscreants. I particularly like the Orphan and the awesome Academic with an umbrella at the ready. Scare those birds and bring down those planes!

Next up, we are going totally off-book and exploring the streets of London with a pair of Rogue Traders.

Rogue Traders - Crooked Dice

Rogue Traders // Crooked Dice

I don't know what kind of fun scenarios you could play out with this pair but I'm sure there's something about running away from the cops out there in the ether. If nothing else, it would be fun to paint up this pair of fools and offer them as a gift to a friend. I also really like the idea of some Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Traders being called "Del Boy" and "Rodney".

If you're looking to creep yourself out then how about introducing this Psycho Killer into the mix?

Psycho Killer - Crooked Dice

Psycho Killer // Crooked Dice

This fellow might have been on kids TV but I think there is a distinctly more deadly motive in mind than simply entertaining. Watch out for him prancing down the road and keep an eye out for a knife hidden in his belt!

Maybe with such a killer on the loose, you might want to call on the aid of these Private Investigators.

Private Investigators - Crooked Dice

Private Investigators // Crooked Dice

I'm not entirely sure that the Psycho Killer would be running around the docks and beaches of Miami but you never know. That might make for a very interesting crossover!

Moving to the realms of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, there are some interesting new miniatures also on the way for those that want to tell far-flung tales of adventure in distant universes.

Orsa The Avenger - Crooked Dice

Orsa The Avenger // Crooked Dice

You could dive into some Dark Age battles with the mighty Orsa The Avenger or soar around the skies with the aid of a jetpack as the Sky Commando.

SKy Commando - Crooked Dice

Sky Commando // Crooked Dice

One of these characters puts an axe in your back and sends you to Valhalla whilst the other zooms in and probably arrests you. Well, unless that blaster goes off and incinerates you.

Last but not least, we come back to earth with a bump and have a peek at the Mob Boss who is going to be sorting out all manner of issues for the family.

Mob Boss - Crooked Dice

Mob Boss // Crooked Dice

A bullet or two in the back of your head or a big vat of concrete with your name on it. There are plenty of ways that this Mob Boss could make you vanish. You could use this fellow alongside the Private Investigators that we saw earlier in this article from Crooked Dice.

Are you tempted to pick up some of these new releases?

"If you're looking to creep yourself out then how about introducing this Psycho Killer into the mix?"

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