Freedom Fighters & Burly Minions from Crooked Dice

October 3, 2012 by brennon

The Crooked Dice crew have looked to the retro once more with the release of some Freedom Fighters and some Minions to fight against them. Check out the new miniatures...

Jor Drake

Golan Nag

First up we have the heroes of this little selection. Above are Jor Drake and Golan Nag ready to take on some nefarious foe and fight them tooth and nail on some dystopian planet.

Minions with Hand Weapons

And then you have the Minions ready to beat them up before they get too far into the adventure! I quite like these, a lot more than the heroes! The burly goons might be easy to kill and somewhat stupid but they can pack a punch!

Grab a bunch of minions and some heroes and have some fun with Crooked Dice!

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