New Program Guide & Casts Coming Soon To 7TV 2nd Edition

June 12, 2017 by brennon

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7TV is going from strength to strength in its second edition and with that in mind, the Volume One Program Guide and more Cast Sets are coming to the tabletop from Crooked Dice over the next few weeks.

Programme guide Season #1

Leading the way we have Program Guide Volume One which helps with the rules for three new sets of miniatures which you will have spied popping up. Background and Episode Guides (Scenarios) will also be available within the book to get you up and running with some new ideas.

Casting Call

In terms of the Casts we're looking at they kick off with Department X.

Department X

Inside each of these sets, you're going to get yourself a selection of models that you can use to start planning out your next scenario as well as the profile cards and guide that works with them. This then continues with the other Cast Sets including SHIVA...


...and the Paranormal Exterminators who will be catching some ghosts on the streets of New York it seems.

Paranormal Exterminators

Much like in one of our earlier stories today I think that the SHIVA crew would be great for the tabletop as I love the idea of pursuing more adventure-style skirmish games on the tabletop, akin to Indiana Jones and Uncharted but played out in miniature form.

What do you think of the new Casts and will you be picking them up?

Drop your thoughts below...

"What do you think of the new Casts and will you be picking them up?"

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