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Alexander's Campaign

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In the latter half of the 4th Century BC, a young man was held hostage in Thebes against the good behaviour of his father Phillip, who had united the tribal groups of Macedonia and was expanding his influence in the region. Whilst in thebes, this young man studied the tactics and strengths of men such as Epanimondas, who broke the Spartan Hegemony at the battle of Leuctra. In doing so he reshaped Ancient Greece. Following his father's death, the young man returned to Macedonia and gathered his forces. When his strength was enough, he conquered Thebes, then Attica and the Peloponnese fell under his onslaught.

Turning his attention East, the young man, whom it is rumoured kept a copy of Homer's Iliad with him at all times, invaded the very centre of power of the ancient foe of the Greek peoples, the Persian Empire. In bloody battle and seige, he proceeded to quell the might of the great and ancient empire, until he had possesion of lands all the way to Egypt and India.

He was only stopped by the mysterious malady which overcame him, whether malaria, poison or something else has been under discussion for 2000 years.

This man was Alexander the Great, and now you can be one of his generals, but can you be hi best and rise to his second in command of the Conquering of the World?

When asked to untie the endless Gordian Knot, he is rumoured to have sliced it and then unraveled it from the end formed. one of his generals Ptolemy was Cleopatra's ancestor, so she was not pure blooded Egyptian, but Macedonian by descent.

Alexander's Campaign - Kicktraq Mini
Alexander's Campaign

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