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Battleline Heroes World War 2 Tabletop Role Playing Game

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Fast Action, exceptionally lethal RPG set in World War II with quick character creation and an easy to learn modern system.

Batlleline Heroes is a tabletop RPG set during the ravages of World War II. The setting is deep and immersive allowing roleplay during any phase of the war, from whatever vantage point you desire to play. Most players will choose to play active duty military or organized partisans in occupied territories, but there are character classes available for police, politicians, special ops, and even a few for civilians!

The combat system is fast and easy to learn with classes providing "perks" that operate as skills, and rules for training in cross-class perks at higher levels. The weaponry in the game is authentically researched, and as it was in real life, it is incredibly lethal. In fact, the wise player will exercise extreme caution before lunging into battle - but will not hesitate when the time comes for action.

Battleline Heroes World War 2 Tabletop Role Playing Game - Kicktraq Mini

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