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Dice Arena - An Abstract Strategic Dice Game

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Dice Arena is a two player strategic dice game played on a square or hexagonal board. Each player starts out with 16 dice and their goal is to get as many of their dice as they can into the other player’s back row. This is done by moving dice forward/sideways/backwards, jumping over other dice, capturing enemy dice and playing action cards that give dice special abilities. Certain cards allow you to interact with your opponent in other ways, such as stealing one of their cards, or re-rolling one of their dice. The game also features a Rewards Track, which allows you to get things like extra cards and extra dice as you gain more and more points.

For more advanced users, the game offers 4 variants, which give the game a lot of replayability.

The idea for this game came to me in a dream (I am not even kidding). In my dream, I remember I was playing a game of chess, but with dice. After waking up, I almost dismissed the dream as complete nonsense. How can you play chess with dice? But I kept remembering this weird dream and eventually a new game started taking shape. The game went through a few iterations while play-testing with friends and it is now in its final form.

Dice Arena - An Abstract Strategic Dice Game - Kicktraq Mini

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