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2021 Kickstarter Watch: Week 12

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FlickFleet: Box of Flicks 2

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FlickFleet: Box of Flicks 2

A limited edition Kickstarter-only expansion for FlickFleet – the tactical space battle flicking game. Get the game too if you’re new!

FlickFleet: Box of Flicks 2 - Kicktraq Mini

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I’m backing this, only recently discovered this game and missed out on the last Box of Flicks kickstarter. Got the core game and expansion one and half to say this is a gem of a game. Something to throw on the table when you have very little time, simple ruleset which doesn’t slow down the action. Flicking dice and ships at the enemy can get annoying as you keep on missing but then you get that fluke of a shot that just stays on target. Not one for the competition crowd but for someone like myself who is more fun focused, it’s ideal. Best thing of all is the thought that it’s made by some guy in his garage.

The second kickstarter is going well, few new terrain types and ships to mix things up

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