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L'il Musa Miniature & Minicomic

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When my daughter was three she'd run around the house imitating an ax-kick and screaming "Ha-Yaaah!". I drew some chibi style sketches of a little warrior girl and L'il Musa was born.

Then in 2015 I met mini-sculptor Tom Mason. I had been following his work, and much to my surprise he'd been following my web comic "The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi." Well we became instant friends and for a couple of years we discussed a collaboration.

I showed him the sketches I'd done of L'il Musa, and he immediately said he'd love to sculpt her. So I'm terrifically excited to introduce Tom's beautiful sculpture via this miniature and the warrior herself via this miniature comic!

L'il Musa and her pet Puggebi are sculpted in 28 mm heroic scale and cast in high quality pewter.

L'il Musa Miniature & Minicomic - Kicktraq Mini

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