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Siren’s Call: Interstellar Colonization Roleplaying

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Siren's Call is a campaign and sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game. It follows the story of the ARC Project, humanity's first ever attempt to build and launch an interstellar colony ship.

The ARC Project is one of the most ambitious endeavors ever undertaken. If successful, it will transport some 10,000 colonists the 4.4 light years from Sol to the planet Siren, orbiting Alpha Centauri A.

The journey will take 400 years, with all passengers and crew in stasis. No one knows exactly what will be found on the other side — what challenges and horrors the colonists will face as they make a life on this new world.

Siren's Call is inspired by a variety of science fiction media, ranging from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and James S. A. Corey’s excellent The Expanse series, to Ridley Scott’s classic film Alien and Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy.

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