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Temporal Odyssey - Draft the Future!

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A drafting battle card game for 2-4 players. Open portals, build your team, and destabilize your opponent in an epic showdown!

Delve into past, present, and future to bring forth epic characters, powerful spells, and ancient artifacts. Destabilize your opponents and banish them from the timeline to carve the future as you see fit!

Temporal Odyssey is built to pick up and play. Setup takes moments, and the rules are simple. Cards are easy to learn and integrate into your plans even in your first game. Adapt your strategy and react to the needs of the moment by selecting cards from an ever-changing card pool.

Between games, alter your time period decks with different classes to create a new timeline, which will introduce new strategies on subsequent plays!

Temporal Odyssey is quick and cutthroat. The casting of a single spell or the arrival of a new character can drastically shift the balance of power, forcing you to play adaptively and proactively to thwart opponent's plots.

Temporal Odyssey - Draft the Future! - Kicktraq Mini

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