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The Mennonite Game Card Game

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A fun, strategic card game based on "The Mennonite Game" where people discover that they are connected in various ways!

Find your connections to various characters with this family friendly strategy game! Whether you are Mennonite or not, you will find this game fun and entertaining!

The Mennonites play a game predictably called "The Mennonite Game," in which people try and discover how they might be connected. For example, I might find out that you were my brother's roommate's sister's ex-boyfriend's high school teacher. The game that I have created is a card game inspired by the Mennonite game, thus the title "The Mennonite Game Card Game."

I began this project a couple of years ago to put my passion of drawing, design, and fun into one final product. Everything was drawn and designed by me, but I have had lots of help from family and friends to play test and work out the gameplay.

The Mennonite Game Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

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