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WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain: Orbital Drop

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A new collection of Sci-Fi Wargaming terrain designed specifically for 3D printing. Easy prints with no support material required.

The Warlayer system is based off a 3d modular grid where all models can stack and combine without glue to create amazingly complex and interesting environments. It’s basically Sci-Fi lego for your tabletop.

Why WarLayer?

Guaranteed Printability.
All models print without the need for support material and are optimized for FDM based printers.

Modular Design.
3D grid system is used so the more you build the more you can stack, combine and customize your table to construct a one of a kind gaming experience.

Hundreds vs. Thousands.
As many folks know filling a whole table with terrain can be really expensive. With a several hundred dollar printer anyone can fill a table with enough print time, material and patience.

WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain: Orbital Drop - Kicktraq Mini

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