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YAKRONYMS - The Witty Wacky Word Game (w/Dice)

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Yakronyms is a fast and fun game where your wit and sense of humor arm you in creating hysterical phrases based on random letters.

What is Yakronyms?

Plain and simple, Yakronyms is an opportunity to be ridiculous with your friends. We’ve been part of many group game nights and wanted to bring something a bit louder, a lot more subjective, and totally personalized to the table. Yakronyms tests your wit and vocabulary like no other game before. Each round provides just 4 letters for you to create a phrase, a "Yakronym," in 60 short seconds. We think you’ll be surprised at what comes out of your mouth (more often than not.)

YAKRONYMS - The Witty Wacky Word Game (w/Dice) - Kicktraq Mini

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