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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Blogging At This Event:

Brigands & Bersaglieri 28 mm by Seeadler Miniatures

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Who is Seeadler Miniatures?
Seeadler Miniatures is a new brand based in Italy. We design and produce 28 mm scale (feet to eye) miniatures and we are proud to offer you the finest quality, with the highest figure detailing.

Brigands&Bersaglieri Campaign's Goal
Brigands&Bersaglieri is our new project. We have already done all the 3D sculptures, all the masters and the moulding tests. The results were great! We have to complete just the final step for the mass production and bring this project to life!

Brigands & Bersaglieri 28 mm by Seeadler Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini
Brigands & Bersaglieri 28 mm by Seeadler Miniatures

Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

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Bring your Table-top Games to Life! With our range of Affordable and Hand Casted 28mm Resin terrain! - EU Friendly!

Everything from Furnishing for houses (Including the Kitchen Sink!) to Office Blocks to Garages with Pumps! and We will be able to start producing all of this and then even more

Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain - Kicktraq Mini
Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

Armybox Battle Counter

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The Armybox Battle Counter is a command board for 40k and in many trays you can store your tabletop equipment clear and comfortable.

Armybox Battle Counter - Kicktraq Mini
Armybox Battle Counter

Dice Coins 3D d20

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Our third Dice Coins project. Now featuring amazing 3D characters molded into a d20 spinning dice coin.

Dice Coins are a different take on dice. They work just as well as regular gaming dice but allow amazing artwork to be displayed on each one. They can also be used as rotatable stat counters and game markers.

Dice Coins 3D d20 - Kicktraq Mini

Get a head in 2018 with 28mm replacement heads

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As part of Kickstarter's Make 100 event, we're designing and printing themed sets of 28mm alternate miniature heads for your miniatures

Great minis make for great games - and we all have a special place in our hearts for that one mini or squad that's different from the rest, that's got an extra something, that additional 'cool factor'. Sometimes it's the weapons, sometimes the stance and sometimes it's the head. Hardly surprising when so much of a miniature's character comes from it's face.

So, as a start for this year, I thought I'd provide up to 100 backers with a limited edition set of physical heads. That's right, this is not a digital download, it's for real physical heads.

So, what do you get for your pledge?
Well, you'll get four sets of ten heads suitable for 28mm heroic miniatures so you can customize your miniatures. And as this is a make/100 project, only a maximum of 100 backers will be able to do this.

Get a head in 2018 with 28mm replacement heads - Kicktraq Mini

5 Stack, A Chip Stacking Game of Strategy and Chance

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5 Stack is a chip stacking game with the perfect balance of strategy and chance. It is designed for 2-6 players, ages 5 & up. Players score points by creating stacks of 5 or more chips by either moving chips on the board or rolling the dice to place new chips. 5 Stack is a relatively fast-paced game and rounds can be as fast as 3-4 minutes for the speed demons and 20 or more minutes for those that like to chat and "cut up" while playing board games.

5 Stack is a captivatingly simple to play board game. When we developed the concept for 5 Stack, I wanted to create a board game that was simple enough for our daughters to play and understand but also interesting enough that I could invite adult board game veterans over and still have a blast. 5 Stack achieves both perfectly.

5 Stack, A Chip Stacking Game of Strategy and Chance - Kicktraq Mini

Deadly Concoctions

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A fun, lethal card game in which you mix heart-stopping, madness- inducing, soul-crushing potions, in an effort to kill your opponents To learn how to play the game in about a minute, just watch the above video!

Deadly Concoctions - Kicktraq Mini


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Dicetopia is a quick strategic board game about dominating neighbourhoods, collecting shiny dice loot and completing secret missions!

Dicetopia is a quick strategy game for 2-4 players with a playtime of 20-30 minutes. It introduces a fresh mix of area control, worker placement and secret objectives!

Try your luck in the merciless city of Dicetopia and send out your agents to take over neighbourhoods, snatch loot, perform shifty actions and carry out sneaky missions!

Dicetopia - Kicktraq Mini

RPG - Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures

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A compendium of the vast hordes of monsters and beasts that plague your game with savage mayhem, glorious battle, treasure & death!

Castles & Crusades has enjoyed 14 years of continuous publication. In that time, you’ve seen a mountain of books, adventures and supplements roll across your table. Of them all, two stand out as essential (four if you are a die- hard fan): The Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasure. We recently reprinted the Players Handbook (seventh printing) and now, Monsters & Treasure is up for its fifth printing.

This time we would like to do something a little different, but to do that, we are going to need your help.

In our 14 years together, Castles & Crusades has created a mountain of monsters, and a smaller mountain of treasure: the majority of which lie in published works outside Monsters & Treasure. This makes playing the game a little more challenging, and sometimes, just a little aggravating. CKs (GMs) have to struggle with a veritable mountain of books to track down and find the monster they seek. Some have entered the digital age, using these books on a tablet, or phone or on the TLG Portal and are able to access them a little quicker, but for many the hunt has become time consuming and distracting. Too many RPG books makes for difficult play.

RPG - Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures - Kicktraq Mini
RPG - Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures

TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds

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Get your own silicone mold and cast unlimited ground terrain! Pour your own grass, desert, water and other terrain with these molds.

We are pleased to offer high quality silicone molds to cast floor and ground terrain for your tabletop roleplaying and miniature campaigns. The molds come in two forms: Square and Hexagonal. The square tiles are 1" square and the hexagonal tiles are 1.5" inscribed radius.

We have been casting for decades and have developed our moldmaking skills. By doing this we have adopted a "speed mold" concept where we eliminate redundant and time-sapping glue ups by making molds that cast a variety of clustered shapes. Need a 3x3 room? Just pour the 3x3 ready made mold!

TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds - Kicktraq Mini

Treasure Towers: Expanded options for Engraved Dice Towers

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We're back with even more options for your dice towers. New designs, new woods, and Treasure Towers with foil designs and suede lining

There are several decisions to make when choosing your Dice Tower. Which wood, whether to add felt lining; Or you could upgrade to the new Treasure Tower options with foil designs and suede lining. All your options are laid out here.

Treasure Towers: Expanded options for Engraved Dice Towers - Kicktraq Mini

Axolote Tiles: Adventures in Uxeden

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Join a 3d printing tile and monster adventure. Help grow the town of Ergul and visit amazing 3d printable places.

This set contains tiles to create a town, this set is optimized to a 3x3 tile size (this only means that most tiles are 3x3 and 3 inch walls, however there are many textures that also come in other sizes as well), this is due to two reasons. One, it is thus completely massive darkness and black plague (and soon green horde) compatible, you will be able to recreate your maps in 3d. Second, 2x2 size has always felt too small for me when building houses, 3x3 is a better size, this means bigger houses and less printing overall.

Axolote Tiles: Adventures in Uxeden - Kicktraq Mini

Lucky's Misadventures - Episode 42: Lost in Oddtopia

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You and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night...

Lucky’s Misadventures is a very “odd” deck building game set in a world unlike anything else.

Simultaneous play - All of the players are constantly involved so there's very little time to check your phone.
Fate cards - These change the game conditions each round in weird and wonderful ways.
Head-to-Head challenges - Play the strongest cards together to win the challenges and gain free cards.
Build Machines - Combine Junk cards to build cool steampunk machines with strong effects.
Instant Wins! - Gather the right cards at the right time and you can escape Oddtopia and instantly win the game!

Lucky's Misadventures - Episode 42: Lost in Oddtopia - Kicktraq Mini

Metal Gaming Coins: The Fantasy Series by D20 Collective

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These coins have been passed along through pickpockets, swindlers, assassins and in some cases; even royalty. The only way to acknowledge their authenticity…and their worth…is by the scars and tattered appearance of each coin – showing the holder that they have exchanged more hands, experienced more treachery and survived more altercations, than any of the thieves who owned them.

Metal Gaming Coins: The Fantasy Series by D20 Collective - Kicktraq Mini

Show & Tile - A Creative Party Game

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Show & Tile is a party game for 3-6 players, suitable for all ages! Each player takes two sets of tangram tiles, picks a word, and starts building!

At the end of 90 seconds, put your tiles down and try to guess everyone’s words.

Show & Tile - A Creative Party Game - Kicktraq Mini

Hammered Heroes - Standard Edition

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Hammered Heroes is a kickass battle card game that is great for any gaming night. Why waste time with friends playing silly games like quarters or king's cup, when you could play something with a little more brains, and a lot more treachery?

Hammered Heroes - Standard Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Fate Dice™ & Fate Points™: Accessories for Fate Core

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We love gaming accessories, and we know you do too! That’s why we’re excited to bring you the latest and greatest in Fate Dice and Fate Points—new colors, patterns, and materials to make your table as gorgeous as your games.

Fate Dice™  & Fate Points™: Accessories for Fate Core - Kicktraq Mini

Eternal Kings

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Welcome to Eternal Kings—the game that combines the classic strategy of chess with the diverse combos of a card game. You control your experience in the game: first by constructing your own unique deck of cards, then by using their abilities to destroy your opponent on the field of battle.

Eternal Kings - Kicktraq Mini

Endeavor: Age of Sail

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Endeavor: Age of Sail is a strategy board game set in the historic Age of Sail. Starting out in the crowded hub of Europe, you must struggle to dominate at home while sending ships to the closed regions of the world... and be ready to seize control when they open up!

Endeavor: Age of Sail - Kicktraq Mini

1918: Brother Against Brother - The Finnish Civil War

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Long before the Iron Curtain divided Europe, decades before the Cuban missile crisis, and even longer before Vietnam and the domino theory, there was one battleground where red banners were raised outside of the birth of the Communist Revolution: Finland

The first export of proletarian revolution, the Finnish Civil War marked the bold new step that the forces of international class warfare would take.

1918: Brother Against Brother - The Finnish Civil War - Kicktraq Mini

Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain - Round 2!

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Ice Caverns are a handmade Dungeon Terrain accessory created using premium materials and then hand finished. I use the highest quality clarity materials that I can get my hands on to make the best tiles I can. Ice Caverns are amazingly clear and wonderfully sculpted. It's time to take your gaming table to the next level.

I have so many exciting things to share in the relaunch. Improved tiles, a Base Set Two! New future stretch goals and international shipping!

Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain - Round 2! - Kicktraq Mini
Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain - Round 2!

Make/100! Spell: The RPG & Spellbook Engraved Wood Box Set

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For Kickstarter’s Make/100 month I’m making one hundred wooden boxes with laser engraved tops. Each box will be signed and numbered by me, Taylor Smith, the creator of Spell: The RPG. Included in each box is a perfect bound copy of the 48pg Spell: The RPG rulebook, 88pg perfect bound Spellbook Vol. 1, a set of 108 wooden letter tiles for playing the game, 12 wooden six-sided dice, and a cloth drawstring bag.

This unique collector’s set is only available through this Kickstarter campaign!

Make/100! Spell: The RPG & Spellbook Engraved Wood Box Set - Kicktraq Mini


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Every game of Herbalism is played with a deck of 14 cards that contains 4 ingredients of varying frequency. Every round, two of those 14 cards will be set aside randomly. Those are the ingredients that will cure the epidemic.

Players take turns choosing combinations and taking actions to exchange hidden information until they can solve what two ingredients are missing from the deck. Each action consists of two parts: what a player gives to another player and what that player gives in return.

Herbalism - Kicktraq Mini

Loot N Shoot

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Loot N' Shoot is a silly shooting game for 2-4 players. Each player is armed with a rubber band gun and will try to eliminate the other player’s goblins while trying to grab the most loot with their own goblins. Each goblin has its own special abilities that are activated when they are moved.

Grab the right loot and you can use its magic abilities to hinder your foes. It will take keen shooting, tactical placement and clever use of the goblin powers to survive the hail of (rubber band) fire and make off with the most loot.

Loot N Shoot - Kicktraq Mini


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The Trinity Continuum Core rules are the foundation for interacting with the Trinity Continuum setting. Using the Storypath System, the Trinity Continuum Core rules provide a contemporary baseline, allowing you to explore modern scenarios in various genres. Present day scenarios involving dedicated investigators, audacious con artists, underground do-gooders, and intrepid explorers can all work within the structure provided.


The Wild Hunt For Call of Cthulhu

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A dissident Irish group has broken away and fallen into utter evil by summoning an ancient Celtic force to further their goals.

The Wild Hunt For Call of Cthulhu - Kicktraq Mini

Wellingtons Infantry 1812-15 28MM Scale Miniatures

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I am Michael Percy. In the past I have sculpted miniatures in various scales for many different miniature manufacturers. I've now started my own venture three Armies

This is going to cover the Napoleonic wars and specialises in filling in the figures that are not available in other ranges. The figures best suited to my style are Perry Miniatures and that is what I try to 'fit in' with.

Wellingtons Infantry 1812-15 28MM Scale Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini
Wellingtons Infantry 1812-15 28MM Scale Miniatures

Cogs & Commissars: The Revolution Will Be Mechanized

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Cogs and Commissars is a card game of glorious robot revolution where players control the means of production. Atlas Games, the publisher of Gloom and Lunch Money, envisions a world of totalitarian robots and take-that propaganda. We ask you to join us in bringing this project to life… for the Motherboard!

Cogs & Commissars: The Revolution Will Be Mechanized - Kicktraq Mini

BattleMats: Dragon's Dungeon Lair Giant RPG Encounter Mat

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Created by BattleMats, this Kickstarter aims to produce a limited edition 48"x24" vinyl RPG Encounter Mat, the Dragon's Dungeon Lair, which will only have 100 print copies made (as part of the Make/100 creative initiative). Non-limited Digital versions for virtual tabletop use will also be available.

BattleMats: Dragon's Dungeon Lair Giant RPG Encounter Mat - Kicktraq Mini
BattleMats: Dragon's Dungeon Lair Giant RPG Encounter Mat

Dice Bottles - DnD 5e Healing Potion Kit

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Quick, how many d4s in a Superior Healing Potion? Which is larger, Superior or Supreme? You might know (+1 to your Medicine stat if you do), but you likely have players or DMs who don’t, and with everything else to keep track of while playing D&D, any way to avoid slowing down the battle to hit the Index of the Handbook and hunt down the modifier is a positive for everybody playing.

Dice Bottles - DnD 5e Healing Potion Kit - Kicktraq Mini
Dice Bottles - DnD 5e Healing Potion Kit

Warsaw Uprising 1944 28mm Figures by Infamous JT

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Infamous JT is a freelance wargaming company with three years' experience in the industry. With experience working for companies such as Warlord Games, Rubicon Models, & Footsore Miniatures, we have decided to release our first miniature range, based on a topic we are passionate about: the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. We are based in West Bromwich, UK.

Warsaw Uprising 1944 28mm Figures by Infamous JT - Kicktraq Mini

Goal Markers and Scatter Terrain: Volume 2: Blacksmith's!

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BLACKSMITH'S! Marks my fifth project on Kickstarter in general and my second dealing specifically with wargame terrain. I’m adding to my previous hugely successful fantasy football project with the addition of this all new Team Theme which can also be used as objectives or scatter terrain in several other games!

Goal Markers and Scatter Terrain: Volume 2: Blacksmith's! - Kicktraq Mini
Goal Markers and Scatter Terrain: Volume 2: Blacksmith's!

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