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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board Game

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Mourners Call is a 2-5 player board game that calls upon players to balance cooperative needs against their own ulterior motives.

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call is a 2-5 player, highly competitive board game that calls upon players to balance cooperative needs against their own ulterior motives. There are many paths to uniting the Underworld, but only one Mourner will realize his or her vision. The player who wields his or her power and faction influence the best will gain the most points to win.

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

The Barbarians Warband

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The Barbarians are coming!! 28-32mm fantasy miniatures and scenery for Wargames, Dungeon Crawlers and Role Games.

Windmaster Miniatures introduces his second campaign. This time based on a Warband of his deadly Barbarians. Some fantasy miniatures and scenery in 28mm Heroic scale (between 30-35mm), that you can use for any wargame, dungeon crawler, role-game or skirmish game.

The Barbarians Warband - Kicktraq Mini
The Barbarians Warband

MOONSHOT - The Spaceship Racing and Wagering Tabletop Game

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Wager; Gather, and manage fuel; Sabotage your opponents; Gain the most you lead your squad to victory in a far off galaxy.

Players strive to earn the most Money (points) by skillfully piloting their squad of ships through the race to Yutera AND by wagering on the actual winner of the race.

MOONSHOT - The Spaceship Racing and Wagering Tabletop Game - Kicktraq Mini

Fantastical Sub-Saharan Miniatures

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Deraj Studios is back with a new miniatures line of fantastical Sub-Saharan creatures, cast in the highest quality resin.

Fantastical Sub-Saharan Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

GameTale: First of Its Kind Gamebook for Little Children

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Spark your child's imagination with nearly 100 ways to read this fairy tale and 20 different endings to the story!

This story begins years ago, all the way back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s, when I was growing up. If you were like me in those days, chances are you had a few Choose Your Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf books. Gamebooks weren’t just a craze; for a generation of people they were a cultural phenomenon, part of a shared zeitgeist. Yet, somehow all of them were written for pre-teens and teens. And none for children between the ages of 3 to 9.

GameTale: First of Its Kind Gamebook for Little Children - Kicktraq Mini

Augmented Reality & Dragons (AR&D)

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Augmented reality for tabletop RPGs.

In roleplaying games, immersion is everything, so we've been champing at the bit to use augmented reality to basically make a holodeck for tabletop RPGs. When we shared a demo of our early work (well, hobby) on Imgur and Reddit, the community response was so positive and energizing that we decided we should commit full-time. The footage you see in the video above is the result of our preliminary work, and we're dying to dig in and upgrade literally every feature you see. This Kickstarter, we're asking you to join us to help make truly fine and fun augmented reality & dragons.

Augmented Reality & Dragons (AR&D) - Kicktraq Mini

Eye for an Eye: A Rise of the Occulites Game

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Fight for your Tribe as an Occulite Chief, settling disputes and defending your honour in real-time. NO TURNS. NO DOWNTIME. NO MERCY!

Eye for an Eye is an innovative, real-time, dice-driven game of arena combat. Roll your dice, allocate them to actions on your player board and tribal cards and then call these out in real-time to carry them out on the board.

Eye for an Eye: A Rise of the Occulites Game - Kicktraq Mini

Fire Tower

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Defend your tower and take down your opponents in this fast-paced board game of strategic pattern laying and hand management for 2-4.

Smoke rises on the horizon. A fire rages somewhere in the heart of the forest. From the height of a fire tower, you command the efforts to defend your tower and take down your opponents.

Fire Tower - Kicktraq Mini

DIG (Second Edition) & DIG: DRAGON! expansion

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Push your luck, enter the Dragon's lair and be crowned King or Queen of the Hill in this action packed card-driven game!

DIG and its expansion DIG: DRAGON! were designed with the following principles: simple mechanics, a mix of strategy and push-your-luck, an adventurous fantasy RPG atmosphere and a retro look from the golden age of console gaming.

DIG (Second Edition) & DIG: DRAGON! expansion - Kicktraq Mini

Kicking Class

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A fast paced game of dice rolling and card drawing, that reminds players of the exciting drama filled days of high school.

Kicking Class - Kicktraq Mini

Endless Realms RPG

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Welcome to Endless Realms, a new roleplaying experience with two corebooks and myriad realities with one constant: balance is fragile.

Welcome to the Endless Realms – a crossroads of infinite civilizations, animals, peoples, and abominations that gather in the world of Lumis. Those that live there readily manipulate the cosmic energies that the gods themselves used to forge the world, creating tools and resources that mighty spirits seek to claim for themselves.

Endless Realms RPG - Kicktraq Mini

Homesteaders + All New Expansion

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After being out of print for far too long, Homesteaders is back in an upgraded Anniversary Edition, with a brand new expansion!

Long out of print, TMG is now bringing the game back as part of their 10 year Anniversary Extravaganza. This enhanced edition, with upgraded components, will be published along with the expansion, Homesteaders: New Beginnings.

Homesteaders + All New Expansion - Kicktraq Mini

Overlight RPG: A roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantasy

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Seven continents hang in the sky, stacked vertically far above an unending sparkling sea. Shining down upon it all is the Overlight.

Since the beginning of time, a race of serpentine, celestial beings have been the caretakers and observers of the cosmos. At some point in Earth’s past, probably around 1,000 B.C.E., a small contingent of these celestials argued that humanity was ready to learn the secrets behind the making of the world.

Overlight RPG: A roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantasy - Kicktraq Mini

CodeWorld the Miniatures Game

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Battle with dominoes in three dimensions, in this cyberspace-themed skirmish miniatures game!

Following an 18 month journey of development, Dreamstruck Games is excited to announce its first game: CodeWorld the Miniatures Game, a 2-4 player tactical cyberspace miniatures skirmish game. In this engaging and innovative game, dive into the role of the Operator. Put together a band of VR hackers, fighters, and coders. Use squad-level tactics, manipulate dominoes, and obtain information to secure your agenda before your opponent disconnects your band.

CodeWorld the Miniatures Game - Kicktraq Mini

Kingdom 18, Itty Bitty Dungeon Delve, and Shields Up!

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Three strategic, 18 card games for game night at home or on the go. Micro-deck building, hidden information, and ship commanding fun!

"Kingdom 18, Itty-Bitty Dungeon Delve, and Shields Up are quick, fun games with great replayability that you can easily take with you anywhere! For games with only 18 cards, I’m amazed by the surprising amount of strategy and theme you find in each one." - Christopher Guild

Kingdom 18, Itty Bitty Dungeon Delve, and Shields Up! - Kicktraq Mini

BIG MONSTER, an Innovative Game with Colorful Monsters!

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Smart draft and tile laying boardgame for 2-6 players, with three game modes (individual, team or 2 players). Fun, tactic, interaction!

Big monster takes you to an unknown and exuberant planet, where you will discover strange monsters and rare crystals, but also compete with other explorers to fulfill various missions.

BIG MONSTER, an Innovative Game with Colorful Monsters! - Kicktraq Mini

Artifact Dice

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High quality dice crafted in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic natural materials. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Dog Might Games has been crafting fine wooden gaming accessories for over 4 years. During that time, the number one requested item from our fans was wooden dice.

Artifact Dice - Kicktraq Mini

Alhambra Designers' Edition

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Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!

Like the building it is named after, Alhambra, the international award winning game from Dirk Henn, has become a landmark in the board game world, having been translated into more than 25 languages, and winning countless awards, including the coveted "Spiel des Jahres" in 2003.

Alhambra Designers' Edition - Kicktraq Mini
Alhambra Designers' Edition

Roll For Guild

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Event and campaign planning for tabletop games.

Roll For Guild wants players to spend more time playing the games they love and less time planning. We’re building an online platform of tools that enable players to find and form groups, as well as make running campaigns and one shots easier.

Roll For Guild - Kicktraq Mini

"Last Stand" - LIMITED Edition Game Knights Playmat

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"Last Stand" is a limited edition playmat from the popular Game Knights series with art from Titus Lunter. Only available for 30 days!

ONLY ONE MAY STAND! If you've heard this phrase before, you've probably watched an episode of Game Knights from The Command Zone podcast, bringing you fun and interactive multiplayer Magic: the Gathering content for over a year now. We're excited to announce our newest playmat for Game Knights, with exclusive art from renowned Magic artist TITUS LUNTER!

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2ed for Call of Cthulhu

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'New Tales from Miskatonic Valley' 2nd Edition produced under license for the Call of Cthulhu RPG by Chaosium Inc.

Lauded as authentically Lovecraftian and much loved for of its mood and style, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley returns with a full-colour second edition. With its new art, varied formats (PDF, Kindle, softcover, and hardback), and an extra scenario, this Kickstarter will make its rightful return to print, uplifted to Call of Cthulhu, 7th Edition.

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2ed for Call of Cthulhu - Kicktraq Mini

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker

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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker is a scenario driven solo deck building game with an immersive gameplay and undercover missions!

You’re an agent of Blight, a secret government project that carries out undercover missions with the highest precision. You’re out in the city when your phone vibrates. You take the call.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker - Kicktraq Mini

No Motherland Without

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A two-player card-driven board game about North Korea's clash with the West, and the people caught between them.

No Motherland Without is a card-driven strategy game for two players. The game depicts the struggles of the Kim Regime from 1953 to present day North Korea against the West. In the aftermath of the Korean Armistice Agreement, the Korean peninsula divided in two. While its signature marked a cessation of armed conflict, the war was not over. In over six decades since the armistice was signed, three generations of the Kim regime resisted Chinese and Soviet control, endured famine, floods, isolation and economic sanctions while defiantly pursuing nuclear weapons.

No Motherland Without - Kicktraq Mini

Black Rose Wars

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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?

Take it slow, proceed with caution, the Black Rose Lodge is in turmoil and you may well be its next victim. Black Rose Wars is a tactical fighting game among aspiring mages striving to become the next Great Master of the Lodge.

Black Rose Wars - Kicktraq Mini

Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures

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Kickstarter to fund the plastic injection molds need to make plastic miniatures for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz! - Tabletop Wargame.

The Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter will fund the plastic injection mold needed to make new high-quality multi-part plastic miniatures for the tabletop wargame.

Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

Cinephile: A Card Game

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The perfect card game for film nerds, movie geeks and cinephiles. One deck. 110 cards. Multiple ways to play.

It started as a variation on the Kevin Bacon game, except you pick any two actors and try to connect them in six movies or less. We can sometimes spend hours doing this. We also play another game where you name a movie star, then go around naming their films until someone is stumped. It sounds simple but there is a strategy involved.

Cinephile: A Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

Welcome to Yarnia - A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG

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Welcome to Yarnia, where a grand knitting adventure awaits!

Yarn Quest is one part knitting pattern, one part Role-Playing Game, and one part Choose Your Own Adventure. Each quest is a knitting pattern, and as the player leads their character through the quest they come across enemies to battle, choices to make, and items that all influence the patterns knitted on the project.

Welcome to Yarnia - A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG - Kicktraq Mini

H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Parlour Party Game: The Maddening

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"Horror Mystery Party Game" set in a 1920's paranormal investigating society. Hypnotic induction, soundscapes and props. 4-20 players.

"The Maddening" is the first of a series of stand-alone interactive mystery horror party games. A unique combination of roleplaying, theatre and live action game.

H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Parlour Party Game: The Maddening - Kicktraq Mini

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