Cthulhu Takes to the Stars in New Kickstarter

October 28, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Do you like the movie Event Horizon? How about Alien? What about the game Cthulhu? Then hold on to your hats, because your mind is about to be blown with a new Kickstarter by Henry Lopez & Paradigm Concepts- Cthulhu: Strange Aeons Role Playing Game!

This exciting new Cthulhu: Strange Aeons RPG will offer not one, but TWO books- the Investigator's Guide and the Keeper's Guide. Each book offers fantastic artwork and a unique look into the Mythos.

CSA Investigator's Guide

The Investigator's Guide offers new occupations, backgrounds, skills, and equipment from the world of the late 22nd Century. Investigators in a Strange Aeons campaign will face not only the cosmic horror of the unknown, but also the day-to-day rigors of space travel and the hazards of the unknown. Backgrounds in this book will include various national Armed Forces, UN Special Services attachés, Miskatonic University Advisors, Corporate Operatives, and more. This book will also help players get in the mindset of the Strange Aeons setting, including information about the 22nd century that all characters should know.

CSA Keeper's Guide

The Keeper's Guide offers a different look all together by spilling the secrets of human colonies lost after the Storm of 2104. Players will now have rules for advanced options such as allowing Android/Synthetic investigators, describing various cults and secret organizations, and explaining how the investigators might find and use (or be used by) ancient xeno-technologies. The Keeper’s Guide also includes a gazetteer of space, including a variety of planets for your investigators to discover (using the current database of actual extrasolar planetary formations that have been discovered), as well as a simple system for generating your own planets. No campaign would be complete without "the enemies", and the Keeper’s Guide includes enough vile xenomorphs and madmen to have your players running for their lives (or the closest mind-wiping station). The Keeper’s Guide also includes two scenarios so that you can get a sense for how to present the universe and the Mythos, and dozens of story seeds to help you launch your own Strange Aeons campaign.

The world of Cthulhu continues to expand....will you be along for the journey?

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