Fenris Flee From the Shoggoth as it Slithers into Cthulhu Wars

June 17, 2014 by dracs

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Despite it being one of the most difficult Lovecraftian creations to definitively the describe, few horrific creatures are ore iconic than the Shoggoth, an amorphous mass studded with eyes which has just glooped its way out of Fenris Games.


This horrific creature of nightmares looks fantastic fully painted. It's not exactly what I would have imagined the Shoggoth to be, looking more like a cross between the mythological Argos and an oil slick.

The model itself will soon be getting released for Cthulhu Wars as part of the game's phase 2 releases. The game itself features some of the best Lovecraft inspired minis on the market, so I will be interested in seeing what other creatures of nightmare will be appearing.

Have you played Cthulhu Wars? Will the Shoggoth be joining your games?

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