Customeeple Go Digging Around In Malifaux’s Crazy Cat Lady Manor

August 10, 2017 by brennon

Customeeple have been digging around in the ruins of the world of Malifaux and found themselves Crazy Cat Lady Manor, a new terrain set for you to play your games around.

Malifaux Crazy Cat Lady Manor #1

The terrain has now come to life for use alongside some of the releases that will be out at Gen Con this year.

Malifaux Crazy Cat Lady Manor #2

The set consists of a balcony, ruined greenhouse, and the front door and while it could be used as shown above, quite condensed, it can be spread out as well to present a more ruined landscape on the tabletop.

The terrain is all MDF and will need a lick of paint but it's looking great for a more characterful place to play out your games.

Adding Levels

Another aspect of terrain that more of us need are the likes of these Ruined Catwalks which can be used to produce more height on the tabletop.

Malifaux Ruined Catwalks

While they might seem like a simple thing, and you could probably make most of this yourself, they are handy for just adding a bit more elevation to your games and more options for dynamic gameplay.

Tokens & More

Additionally, you can also pick up a new box of Curiosity Killed The Cat Tokens which can be used with the new crew for Malifaux.

Malifaux Boxed set “Curiosity Killed the Cat Edition”

It contains a lot of themed tokens that you can use during your games. You can also check out more of their new tokens over on the webstore and some additional stencils too for using on buildings.

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" can be spread out as well to present a more ruined landscape on the tabletop"

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