Customeeple Reveal New Malifaux Terrain, Bases & Tokens!

August 7, 2016 by brennon

Customeeple have been working away on some fantastic looking Terrain, Bases and Tokens which are perfect for use within the world of Malifaux. While they were at the carnival last time now they are visiting Millbank and entering its spooky streets...


This terrain range brings together a number of different pieces of note include buildings and much more for additional set dressing.

Millbank Houses

We'll start with Millbank Street. It should be noted that all of these terrain pieces are made of HDF and you'll need to get stuck in with paints and such to get them onto the tabletop.


There selection of buildings have a slightly cartoony feel to them which is neat, adding to the strange whimsy of Malifaux. Here you can see some of their Victorian designs which are stackable meaning that you can decide exactly how you want them to look on the tabletop.


As well as housing this allows you to create the likes of shops and more. The ceilings can be removed too but you'll mostly be using these terrain pieces of set dressing I feel to add to the overall look of a tabletop.

This can come together on this new Millbank Playmat...


This measures 90cm by 90cm and allows you to lay out your terrain with some nice roads guiding your designs.

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You can also pick up this Morris Column which is a great piece of feature terrain for you to include in the middle of your tabletop.

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Twin that with some of their additional Street Posters and you can give your friends the feeling that they are playing around inside of a living city.


I think these are great and they wouldn't just have to be used with the Morris Column. You could also slap them on the sides of buildings too.

Riding Through The City

You can also get your hands on what is possibly their nicest piece from the release. Here we have the Street Cable Car which is just waiting to be used in a scenario or two.


The design of this is wonderful and I think it would be great to have a fight atop the roof of this thing. Maybe you could include two or three of them and have a rolling fight on them as they bustle through the city.


Either way when it comes to terrain it seems like Customeeple have you covered when it comes to Malifaux. Hopefully the imaginations are already going wild as you come up with new ideas.

Markers & Tokens

In keeping with the need to glam up your tabletop they also worked on some Tokens & Markers for your games of Malifaux. Here is a small selection of what's on offer.



You could use these for marking all kinds of status effects within the game. I like their simple design which has a nice arty style to it.



You can find more of their designs and additional Tokens for use in Malifaux over on their webstore. I suggest giving them a look as they have some very interesting pieces for those folks who want to pimp their games.

Basing Your Crew

It wouldn't be Malifaux without characterful Bases which match the wondrous miniatures. So, Customeeple have been busy working on those too.


Here you can see plenty of wonderfully sculpted bases which allow you to situate your crew inside elaborate buildings and on the streets of Millbank.



Now you just need to buy yourself a new crew and get them based on these particular pieces from Wyrd.

Have these pieces caught your eye?

"Maybe you could include two or three of them and have a rolling fight on them as they bustle through the city..."

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