A Beautiful Buccaneer Makes Port at Black Scorpion Miniatures

November 24, 2013 by dracs

More law breakers of the high seas are getting ready to enter the crews of Black Scorpion Miniatures' skirmish game Cutlass, the first of which is the exciting general release version of their limited edition Salute miniature.

Esmerelda V2

Esmerelda here is not the only pirate captain to be setting sail from Black Scorpion, though her compatriot the Goblin captain is somewhat less appealing.

Goblin Captain

Of course, if you don't fancy sailing the high seas you could always pick up a gun and join this lady in modern warfare.

USM Medic

These are a trio of very impressive miniatures, which would make for great character models in your games. Personally, I'm tempted to pick up the Goblin captain and theme an entire Goblin army around piracy.

Will any of these be joining your crew?

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