Check Out The Cyntopia Modular Board & More Minis!

September 19, 2014 by brennon

Cyntopia is shaping up to be an awesome looking cyberpunk board game adventure and they've shown off some more renders and miniatures on Facebook as well as some tests of the board you'll be playing on!

Main Characters & Enemies

Cyntopia Board

Cyntopia Board (Alt Set Up)

Above you can see some of the boards with the hex grid pattern on them to match the bases of the miniatures above. I'm loving the look of this and I've not even seen how the game plays yet. The design looks great and the effort their putting into making this a cool 'experience' is to be commended. I hope the same energy and passion carries over into their campaign.


As well as a look at some of the modular options for their forty tiles we get another render for the Shieldtrooper that will no doubt be trying to stop your Edgewalker in their tracks. Once again remember that everything you see here is in the prototype stage so we're looking at more detail and such in the future we hope!

Is this game world grabbing your attention?

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