More Cyntopia Art Is Hacked From The Mainframe

August 8, 2014 by brennon

Cyntopia continues to tease us with some cool artwork and a few more titbits of information about exactly you'll be doing in this co-operative game. See what you think of these pieces...

Field Doc


It looks like with the appearance of the Medic we have have found our full team although there might be plenty more roles to come! The big thing however comes with the second piece of artwork which talks about having to fight your way out of some situations as well as other angles of 'attack'. It will be cool to see how this plays out.

On top of that good news is that the promotional video is going well and they've talked about miniature prototypes going off to the printers so maybe we'll see some of them soon AND some gameplay!

Are you keeping an eye on this?

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