Cyntopia Looking For Playtesters & Demos For Kickstarter Relaunch

February 2, 2015 by brennon

The folks behind the Cyberpunk game Cyntopia are going to be heading back to Kickstarter at some point this year and they are now looking for people willing to help them create gameplay videos and playtest the game for them...

Cyntopia Edgewalker

This new piece of artwork also popped up showing one of the characters taking a bit of a beating on the streets. It would have had to be a pretty brutish enemy to smash him around I reckon!

Anyone who wants to help them with the playtesting of the game can send them a personal message over Facebook (see the link above) and you'll get sent a print & play version of they need your help.

I loved the thinking behind this game and I'm really looking forward to what they do when they head back to the fundraising platform.

Do you want to give them a hand?

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