A Banshee Heralds the December Arrivals For Dark Age

December 13, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Dark Age new releases

If a Banshee warns of trouble on the horizon, then Gamers beware! Dark Age has announced the arrival of their December releases for the Core, the Slavers and the Dragyri!

Dark Age Banshee

The Core brings a cast of new characters to the game with the addition of: Banshee, Churgeon, Infiltrator, L-CST, and Hood, the Executioner!  Maybe it's just me, but putting a Banshee and an Executioner together in a faction, sounds like trouble and terrific fun!

Dark Age Churgeon

Dark Age Infiltrator

Dark Age L-CST

Dark Age Hood

The Slavers get themselves a new hero with the Gang Boss. This cowboy looks like he's ready to take care of business!

Dark Age Gang Boss

And finally, the Dragyri, Air Caste are getting some Disc Slaves- and they look crazy enough to use them!

Dark Age Disc Slave

What do you think of these new mini's for Dark Age?

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