Some New Brood Creations Crawl Out of Dark Age

July 9, 2012 by dracs

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Dark Age's Brood faction is defined by its sick and disgusting biological weapons. Well now some more are joining their ranks. Check these out.

First we have the Alpha Broodling.

Dark Age - Alpha Broodling

Like its smaller brethren, Alpha Broodlings are roughly spherical abominations of muscle, chitin and teeth. Having evolved a few additional limbs to support its heavier body, Alphas also have additional ropey tentacles sprouting from it that it uses to whip out at targets that have yet to draw nearer to its deadly maw. Filled with rows upon rows of chitinous “teeth”, an Alpha Broodling’s bite can shear entire limbs from its victims with a single snap.

Alongside this we are presented with something a little different to the usual amorphous Brood monstrosities, the Plight.

Dark Age - Plight

Plights are one of the “newest” of the Brood’s genetic recipes, creating a durable humanoid investigator bred with a powerful curiosity that hungers for knowledge about one thing – humanity.

So there you have it, one frenzied ball of organic destruction and a pair of creepy characters tasked with researching humanity, the better to destroy us!

The Plight are very much a welcome addition to the Brood. Although their humanoid appearance might seem somewhat incongruous I think that this rather adds to the disturbing and completely alien nature of the Brood faction.

Do any of you Dark Age players use a Brood force? Think these are a welcome addition?

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