Do You Dare Challenge Oz, Champion Of The Pit?

May 15, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age have given us a taste of what is to come with their world of post-apocalyptic doom. Check out the concept art for Oz, Champion of the Pit below...

Oz - Champion of the Pit

"Oz travels from Outcast camp to Outcast camp, asking to trade his deadly talents in exchange for food and shelter when the weather is harsh. Sometimes he attracts pit fighters from local ludi, taking them under his wing on a battlefield to show them a trick or two before bringing them back to their War Chiefs. Wielding his favorite weapons he bashes or hacks his way through his foes, knocking those who get too close dizzy with a stone-splintering headbutt if he must. His arena skills are so honed that it is as if no one can touch him, although his body is so weathered and scarred that pain seems not to register when they manage to. He fights on; never backing down, never asking quarter, and assuredly never giving mercy."

As you can see he is a pretty epic looking warrior and certainly someone you wouldn't want to cross. I can't wait to see the model for this guy, as I think he could be a hit across the board.

What do you think of Oz?

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