The CORE & Slavers Take Over Dark Age This Month

August 4, 2014 by brennon

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Dark Age have announced their releases for this month and both the CORE and Slavers are getting some new miniatures for their post-apocalyptic gang. Which gang would you settle with?



First up we check out the CORE with both Drg-Y and the very, very creepy Grotesques that appear to have melded flesh and metal into their apparatus. Drg-Y is very cool indeed and certainly makes me think about picking it up for games beyond just Dark Age. I reckon it would make a neat 'Netrunner' of some kind for something sci-fi and Cyberpunk.

The Warden

The Coffersman

Beyond the metal and flesh of the CORE we have the more human but no less barbaric Slavers who will be trading human lives for guns and more while controlling vast swashes of blasted worlds. Very cool miniatures all the same and certainly shows how things are getting better and better with their new-style sculpting.

Well worth picking these up?

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